About us

Breaking down the barriers to help students succeed in tech

Our story

A decade ago, Erika and Arnelle met in high school, where computer science was a rarity and engineering connections were non-existent. College at Yale and Stanford led them to explore computer science, despite lacking coding skills. To succeed in their intro CS courses, they formed their own support networks. This effort paid off, securing Erika and Arnelle top software engineering internships at Facebook and Google.

Reuniting in the Bay Area post-college, they realized their shared journey. Erika, a Product Manager at LinkedIn Learning, and Arnelle, a Consultant at Bain, launched Zimela, an app with 5,000+ users and Apple's App of the Day feature.

Edlyft extends the support they created, empowering more students to excel in computer science and secure top jobs.

The values that shape us

Shalom & harmony

We believe people do their best work when they have a balance of healthy living and rest

Be a mentor

We believe people do their best work when they have a balance of healthy living and rest

Show courage & deep engagement

We are cultivating a team of people who trust themselves and their team deeply. Growth often follows overcoming fear

Belonging & Community

How we treat one another matters

Students first

Students are our top priority


Be at cause - Act like an owner

Our biggest supporters

Jeff Weiner

Executive Chairman at LinkedIn

Emilie Choi

President & COO at Coinbase

The minds behind Edlyft

Erika Hairston
Co-Founder & CEO
Arnelle Ansong
Co-Founder & CTO
Thomas L’anglais
Senior Software Engineer
Rebecca Battat
Student Operations Lead
Guneet Ghotra
Product Designer

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