Academic Integrity Policy

At Edlyft, our mission is to help more students make it through introductory STEM courses so that they can gain access to a wealth of in-demand jobs. Too often, the courses that prepare students for these jobs are locked out to students who don't have a lot of previous experience. We are proud to offer a resource that allows students of all backgrounds and experience levels the opportunity to learn these skills.

Central to this is that we enable students to successfully learn concepts and complete their own coursework. As an Edlyft student, you are responsible for completing your own original course work. When collaborating or referring to someone else's work (when permitted by your course), you should cite it as specified by your own school's academic honesty policy. We encourage you to also consult with the course staff about the policies in your course if you have questions.

Further, you are required to follow the academic integrity policies of your individual university, and the specific policies of your course and professor. Please also remember that as you use Edlyft, you must follow our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you have questions about anything listed here, please reach out to or your program manager.

Below, we've linked the academic integrity policies at some of the schools we operate. If you think a link needs to be updated, or is missing, please let us know.



With Edlyft DO:
Use Edlyft mentor notes and sessions to deeply understand your course concepts
Use Edlyft mentor notes and sessions to assist with assignments when it is appropriate according to your course policy
Use Edlyft resources to practice course concepts yourself, and to help other students practice course concepts

With Edlyft DO NOT:

Do not ask Edlyft mentors for answers to homework, projects, or exams
Do not copy content from your mentors or other members and submit them as your own work
Do not use Edlyft in any way that violates your school or course's academic policies