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We are on a mission...

to help students excel in their CS, math, and data science classes and gain access to top-notch opportunities in tech. Edlyft mentors are key in supporting students grow their skills and confidence, which is why we’re eager to have you on board!

Why become an Edlyft mentor?

You Earn $25/hour
Fully remote + pays $25/hour for tutoring, meeting, and prep time. Commitment is only 3-6hrs/week.
Startup Environment
Opportunity to work for a VC-backed startup and connect to our angel investors with the support of our CEO and CTO
Recruitment Opportunity
Access to summer recruiting events with our partner companies (LinkedIn, Airbnb, Coinbase, Dropbox, and Google)
Give Back to Students
Studying CS is hard, and it's super rewarding to help others. Mentors will answer student questions and lead weekly group sessions.

Who we’re looking for

Edlyft mentors have the following qualities:
Completed intro-level cs, math or data science courses
Empathy for student academic struggles and vulnerability in sharing your experiences
The ability to quickly incorporate feedback from students and managers
Previous tutoring/teaching experience and/or experience leading a team or club

You’re 3 steps away from becoming an Edlyft mentor

Step 1
Apply to become an Edlyft mentor - Click here to begin
Step 2
Connect with a member of the Edlyft team
Step 3  🎉
Begin leading sessions to support students in their courses

What Past Edlyft Mentors Gained

Edlyft mentor
Rediet Deneke
UMD | CS132
Now Software Intern at

"Being an Edlyft mentor helped me become a better leader and gain more confidence in my CS fundamentals & programming skills. I love making impact so my most favorite part was seeing the transformation of my students from being unsure about CS to excelling in their CS classes and landing their dream internships in different areas of CS."

Edlyft mentor
Now incoming SWE intern at

I loved being an Edlyft mentor, as the experience was super fulfilling and improved my communication and teaching skills. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves CS and wants to give back to peers in their school community!

Edlyft mentor
UCB Mentor
Now CS PhD Student

“Thank you for this opportunity. [Edlyft] is a great conversation starter especially in my interviews, everyone is always so excited and impressed when I talk about the mission of Edlyft.”

Edlyft mentor
Fahed Abudayyeh
UC Santa Cruz | COMP12B
Now Simulation Intern at

“Thank you for working with me during this process and for being a terrific manager while I worked for Edlyft. I couldn’t have done it (pursue CS grad school) without you.”

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